Secure Fax and Send

Business still rely on different faxing and secure file send as a daily business requirement.  Sending a fax or large file in today’s environment can be risky but now there is a safe and secure way to ensure your documents are delivered to the correct recipient with an auditable trial for future reference.   Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have similar issues to larger enterprise organizations but fewer resources to handle them.


OpenText™ XM Fax ™, a digital fax solution for SMBs, delivers the features and functionality to keep business flowing with reliable, secure and efficient communications and easy administration. An enterprise-grade solution, XM Fax allows employees to easily fax from workstations, email, business applications, mobile devices and multi-function printers (MFPs), integrating with and streamlining workflows across organizations.

OpenText™ XM SendSecure™ is a managed file transfer solution that blends security with ease of use, allowing organizations to exchange files in any format, and sizes up to 5TB, via ephemeral, encrypted storage. Recipients do not need an account and can securely submit files as guests.

Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing & Sending

¨   Improved security and compliance through point-to-point communications

¨   Shorter time to review through faster business workflows and process automation

¨   Increased customer satisfaction through faster documents processing and exchange

¨   Improved ability to expand into new markets with solutions that scale as the organization grows

¨   Streamline sensitive communications

¨   Reduce compliance risks

¨   Send and receive anywhere

¨   Flexible pricing and deployments

¨   Enables indisputable auditability and electronic tracking of transactions

Industry Use



Medical Records

Files (MRI, CT Scans, etc.)

Insurance and Brokers

Coverage Quotes

Medical Reports

Claim Information

Financial Statements







Sensitive messages

Evidence (documents, video, photos, etc.)

Items that require delivery confirmation