Team Velocita

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience implementing business process automation and digitizing solutions

Support & Maintenance

The Velocita Data Help Desk is at the core of the organization and is focused on providing our clients with a single point of contact to log incidents, address issues, provide updates, resolutions and when required, incident escalation.

All calls are logged, managed and escalated using a comprehensive call management system which provides clients with automated updates as well as access to a knowledge base and call history.

Velocita Data online helpdesk system provides our clients instant access to our helpdesk which individual calls can be monitored, escalated or where additional data can be added. Additionally, our support portal provides our clients with a reporting facility to view call summaries and to review performance. We also have the facility to automatically trigger weekly or monthly call summary reports to our clients via email.


To maximize the benefits an organization can, achieve with the implementation of any new system or process, it is essential to undertake appropriate training programs.

Velocita Data provides a comprehensive range of structured or tailored training courses that can be carried out either on or off-site. Common to all solutions and products that Velocita Data provides is the option of the a range of courses.

For more information on Velocita Data training or to obtain a copy of a specific training agenda, please email indicating the application and course type

          We work directly with our clients to:

          Solution Architecture and Design
          Process Design
          Installation and Configuration of Supported Solutions
          Development and Configuration of Solutions
          User and System Administration Training
          End to End Testing
          Optimization of Existing Systems and Processes