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What is ShareBase?

ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise file-sharing product that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organization retains ownership and control.
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Benefits of ShareBase

Gain control over sharing :

With ShareBase, administrators create and manage approved accounts for each deployment, with the ability to manage users from within your identity provider (IdP) product. This ensures your organization retains ownership of any shared information. When users leave your organization or change roles, administrators can easily revoke or transfer rights, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring continuity during personnel transitions. 

Administrators can also restrict sharing by controlling maximum file-sharing permissions and expirations, either for all users or specific user groups. Additionally, they can limit external sharing and create libraries of corporate content over which they have complete control. 

Simple transfer of ownership during personnel transitions:

When a ShareBase user changes roles, the administrator easily reassigns users to their shared folders .

Empower your users to share, search and work better:

User adoption is essential to setting any corporate standard, and ShareBase is secured for IT but optimized for user experience. ShareBase provides a simple experience to store, search for and share content securely. Users can set permissions per each share of each document; leverage password protection for external shares; and set shared documents to expire. Moreover, users can access content and share from anywhere, using a web browser. Windows users can even access their own content offline from their desktop and subscribe to specific shared content for offline access. Leveraging tagging capabilities and familiar folder structures, users can personally organize owned content for easy retrieval. 

Searching for documents couldn’t be easier in ShareBase. The Search functionality enables users to find documents anywhere in ShareBase—regardless if the document was shared directly with a user, placed in a corporate library, or stored in their files. Users can search for documents by text in a file, file name, tags, file type and creator of the document.

ShareBase is designed corporate-first and enterprise-ready, built to be your corporate sharing standard. 



with a combination or strong security and sharing security settings within the software. ShareBase brings the perfect combination of enterprise-level and small business level simplicity.


Hyland Cloud

ShareBase is deployed in the Hyland Cloud, a secure, privately-managed cloud that is custom designed to serve as a hosting architecture for Hyland’s cloud offerings.


OnBase Integration

OnBase is a platform that manages transactional content process and cases. ShareBase and OnBase work seamlessly to provide functionality inside and outside the enterprise.


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