Data & Analytics Services

Our team are experts at unlocking the power of your data to help you solve business challenges, improve processes, and provide advanced insights into your organization's operations. Further, our experience in visualizing the outputs of your analytics to help you turn results into actionable insight. We have  years of experience developing in a variety of data analytics tools including Python, R, Alteryx, Stata, Tableau, QlikView, and Power BI.  Deep technical skills are complementary to our understanding of audit procedures and risks that provide a complete understanding of your business challenges.

graphs of performance analytics on a laptop screen

Business Process  Risk & Controls

Our team can evaluate your risk landscape, identify control gaps, and help you understand your business risks better. Using data and new approaches such as a Continuous Risk Assessment methodology, we can help you monitor your audit and operational risks remotely in a global environment where traditional in-person audit procedures may be difficult.

Audit Technology Development

Our teams has experience working at a Big 4 audit firm helping to develop audit technology that gives your company an experienced perspective on the pitfalls and best practices for any audit or compliance function looking to incorporate new approaches. With a deep understanding of accounting, auditing, risk, technology and the technical skills to perform data & analytics, we have a unique skillset that understands the business, the data, and the technology necessary to successfully incorporate new approaches and deploy new technology into your operations.

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